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Mersenne helps companies scale their software development teams by accessing an exclusive network of top development talent.

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How it works

Describe your dream team

What kind of team are you looking to build? Seniority, programming languages, and technologies used. Also, share your timeplans and other requirements.

Receive vetted candidates

You’ll receive a team proposal within days. The candidates are carefully vetted using a data-driven process using interviews and code tests.

Hire compliantly

Once you're happy with your new developers, you can simply add them to your team through the dashboard. Signing happens digitally and compliance is built-in.

Why Mersenne

Scale your development team within days, not months

No more finding and vetting candidates that won't ever meet your hiring bar. No more wasted engineering resources. No more missed project deadlines. Leverage our European network of top developers to reach your goals.

Access top talent

We've worked 10+ years to build our developer network, accepting only the best candidates. There is no need for you to waste time going through countless candidates not fit for hire. Get served a curated selection to ensure the best possible match.

Hire faster

Our customers hire developers up to 4x faster using our platform. The reason for this is our data-driven vetting and matching process that saves everyone time. Spend your time and resources on building great products instead.

Stay compliant

Our platform allows you to negotiate hourly fees, approve time reports, manage invoicing, and make payments. Our contracts secures your intellectual property, privacy, and data rights. The support team is always available for whatever situations might occur.

Our developers are building careers, not doing gigs.

Mersenne is neither a development agency nor gig platform. Our mission is to help the most talented developers in Europe to build a better future for themselves, regardless of where they happened to be born.

Long-term projects

Our customers are out to change industries. That takes years of development, not weeks.

Competitive salaries

We have a fully transparent pricing model and make sure developers get paid well.

"I was impressed by Mersenne's ability to deliver several high-quality candidates in a very short timeframe. The team showed that they know the ins and outs of remote hiring."

Dina Dervisevic

Engineering Manager, Trustly

Scale your development team within days, not months

Leverage our European network of top developers to reach your goals.

Frequently asked questions

We have a commitment to transparency, and have listed some of the most frequently asked questions below.

Is Mersenne a development agency?

No, Mersenne is a platform connecting developers and companies. The developers are all independent contractors. This allows us to make the best possible match without having to worry about balancing hiring enough people while still having everyone assigned to projects at all times. This is an issue for traditional development agencies, ultimately leading to higher costs for the customer.

What is Mersenne's role in the projects?

We staff the projects, we don't manage the projects. Ideally, you already have your own development team, process, and project management in place. We want to add to what you already have. Our belief is that you are the domain expert in whatever it is your company does, while we are experts in getting you the best possible team of developers.

Where are the developers based?

Our developers are based all over Europe. We don't have a certain geographic preference. This reduces the risk of development projects failing in case of pandemics or geopolitical disturbances. The developers work remotely from their homes, co-working spaces, or similar.

How does pricing work?

No recruitment fees or upfront charges. You only pay for the number of development hours performed by the team you have hired. Mersenne's platform features a transparent price negotiation flow and all invoices clearly state exactly how much the developers are getting paid. Mersenne charges a percentage fee on top of the monthly invoice total. Developers never pay anything.

What is the hourly rate?

Depends on the individual developer and what has been negotiated. Hourly rates depend on seniority, technology, and various other market conditions. We work to reach a fair market price for the developers regardless of where they are based.

Still have questions?

Reach out to learn more about how we can help you succeed.